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Was born on May, 13th, 1961 in Kiev in musician's family. The daughter of the famous opera singer, baritone

Viktor Kurin . Since early years girl engaged in music, participated in opera performances as the children's roles. After specialized musical school, piano faculty, has ended:
1. R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music:
- 1980 - Chorus Conducting Department,
- 1985 - The Solo Singing Departmen - with distinction;
2. 1997 - Kyiv State University of culture and arts - faculty national cullture and folk-art (prof. Anatoly Ivanitsky class) - with distinction;
3. 2003 - National Music Academy of Ukraine P. Tchaikovsky - faculty of musical direction (prof. Vladimir Lukashev class) - also with distinction.
The opera stage director of cultural projects of "International center for community initiatives and policy studies” Tatiana Zozulia is the bright representative of a modern formation of young Ukrainian directors. She works not only in a classical opera genre, but also is the author and the director over 400 concert and show, the art-programs, scripwriter and director of performances, forums, benefit performances and anniversary celebrations. Author of literary works, poems, articles and interviews.
Member of the Union of Theatrical Figures of Ukraine.
The unique official director of actions of the Kiev Meeting Of Noble Family (15th of KMNF, "Tatiana's Day", christmas ballls).
Was the director of the International agency "Magic Mask" (2010).
She is the first opera director in Ukraine who work with american singers (2010) and staged performance "Stories about Love" with soprano Joyce Guyer, the soloist "Metropolitan Opera", USA.
She works with numerous charities: for International Charity Foundation (to fight leukemia) "Dzherela" on 2004-2007 she created projects "Serenade" on National philarmony of Ukraine and "Human Planet" ("Little Prince" by A.Exupery) on National Palace "Ukraine" with participation of Ukrainian opera and pop art.
In May 21, 2011, Tatiana zozulia established a charity project (to help the people of Japan) - the festival "Oriental cherry blossom", in which were a number of shares, and on May 21 - the concert artists Kyiv Municipal Theatre of Opera and Ballet "Oriental cherry blossoms" ,recording of which was broadcast on the Internet in Japan.
Execute the order by the International Organization Charitable Fund "International Rescue Service", created big cultural project «Beauty demands Protection» - a number of the actions which purpose is fight against terrorism in the world. The project took place in 9, 10, 11 September 2011 - "Milanese evenings in Kiev" - a program which had a number of exhibitions, concerts and meetings.
Teaches academic vocal and acting skills in the Center by opera singers "VINCERO" on International Charity Foundation to fight children's leukemia "Dzherela". Has master classes at international opera competitions. Since 2009, she lives and works in Italy (Ravenna).
The official representative Associazione Luigi Illica (Italy). Judge of First International opera singers competition "Luigi Illica Opera Stage" (Italy, Castell'Arquato, July 2010). The Judge of 7 International opera singers competition "Klaudia Taev" (Estonia, Piarnu, July 2011). The Judge of the First international competition "Tiit Kuusik" (Estonia, November 2011).
In July 2009 has ended the Californian Centre of Multidimensional Information Therapy (a speciality - infotherapy).

Art-director Ivan Kozlovsky Art-center to Kiev 


- I° Concorso Lirico Internazionale "Illica Opera Stage"(Italia, 2010)
- 7 International opera competition "Klaudia Taev" (Estonia, Piarnu, 2011)

- I International Competition "Tijt Kuusik"(Estonia, 2011)
- "Milanese evenings in Kiev", Kiev munitipal academic opera and ballet theatre, 2011
- "Oriental cherry blossom", 2011

OPERAS - director and producer:

- “Suor Angelica" by Giakomo Puccini
- opera, was present in the first time in Ukraine, to 80-th anniversary of Maria Callas,
National philarmony of Ukraine, Kiev, February 29th, 2004;
- “Dialodues by Vincenzo Galiley” by Alexander Kostin
- opera, Kiev, the National Organhouse, May 28th, 2003;
- "Аlkyd" by Dmitry Bortnyansky
- opera on 3 part, with assistance of the Italian institute of culture in Ukraine;
Kiev, the Dutch hall of the State art museum by Barbara and Bogdan Hanenko, December 16th, 2006;
- "La voix humaine" by Francis Poulenc
- monoopera, Kiev, the National philarmony of Ukraine, Jun 27th, 2001;
- “Serenade” - a opera-concert on 2 part with participation of stars of the National opera of Ukraine
- Kiev, the National philarmonic society of Ukraine, April 21st, 2004;
- "The Phantom of Opera into House of Bilgakov" - opera-performance with participation of stars of the National opera of Ukraine; Initiative of company UMC,
- House-museum of Michail Bulgakov, Kiev, May 15th, 2005;
- "Evening" - a concert-performance on 2 part (music by M.Tariverdiev, A.Petrov and V.Gavrilin
- the National philarmony of Ukraine, September 22nd, 2005;

- "Stories about Love"- performance on 2 part
with soprano Joyce Guyer, the soloist "Metropolitan Opera", USA,
- Kiev, the Grand hall of National Music Academia "P.Tchaikovsky", July 8, 2010;

director on operas:

- "Tosca" by Giakomo Puccini (opera on 3 part)
- opera on 3 part, Odessa State opera and ballet theatre, Feb, 8-10th, 2002;
- “Ruslan and Ludmila” by Michail Glinka and A.Pushkin
- performance on 2 part, Kiev, the National philarmony of Ukraine, Jul, 8, 2002;

PROJECTS (more of 300) - director and producer:

- "Kiev City Day" at Mariinsky Park
, May 30, 2010'
- "The Planet of People" - a concert-performance in 2 part, on motives of fairy tale А.Sant-Exupery "Little Prince",
with participation of stars of the Ukrainian stage -
National palace "Ukraine", March 25th, 2006;
- Concert of composer Yevhen Stankovich

- evening of Viktor Kurin memory
- opera gala-concert in 2 parts with participation of stars of world opera,
- Kiev, National philarmony of Ukraine, May 28th 2007;
- International exebitions "LUXURY-temptation"
-Kiev, 2008;
- "Ball of Chrysanthemums" - "Exclusive-style" magazin ball at the Grand-hall Sofievsky, Kiev, "Premiere-Palace" hotel, March 23rd, 2008;
- 140 Anniversary of Institute Music "R.M.Glier"
- gala-concert Institute graduates,

- Concert of Olga Ivanovna Frolova memory - National philarmony of Ukraine, December 12, 2006;

- "Mozart-internet"
- author and director the piece, Кiev theatre-studio "Suziria", 2006;

- "Anna Gorenko and Ahmatova"
- author, director and a principal role in the piece, Кiev Theatre-studio "Suziria", November, 4, 2007;

- "Vivat a Pain!" (on motives of verses by Аlexander Vertinsky) - on "LUXURY-temptation"
- author and director of the зiece, December 4, 2008;

- 80th anniversari by composer Igor Shamo - consert on 2 parts
Kiev, the National philarmony of Ukraine, June 10, 2005;
- Premium by academic Ivan Vernadsky and concert "Vernadsky diares" - Kiev, National philarmony of Ukraine, 2003;
- Consert by Susanna Chakhoyan with National simphony orcestra of Ukraine. Conductor - Vladimir Sirenko
- Kiev, the National philarmony of Ukraine, May 27, 2007;
- gothic-party - Кiev, night club "Venzel", March 21, 2007;
(2nd prize on noination "The best gothic/dark/indie party-2007"!)

- gallary-show by Goltis, photo artist and professional treveler - Кiev, Central Army House, 2003;

- “Spring morning” - charity concert and demonstration collections of young designers - for disabled - Кiev, Munitipal Operetta theatre, 2003;

- “On the wings of the Soul”- gallary-show by artist Vasil Didyk - Kiev, "Ukrainian House", 2000;

- “Spring by Vivaldi” - performance-show, Кiev, art-gallary "Lavra", 1999
and many-many others...

18 декабря 2010 года - Cтаринный костюмированный бал «Шоколадный замок»


"Producer of project statement for the first time in Ukraine opera by Giacomo Puccini director Tatiana Zozulia - bright representative of modern young Ukrainian directors, she works not only in classic opera genre, but also is the director and author of concerts and shows, art programs and performances- exibitions, forums, events, fashion collections, anniversaries, benefices, as a producer she works with opera singers, with the company recording "Soundline" shares and supports charities.
"Suor Angelica" - paradoxical opera in style and manner . There are many unusual, even strange: for example, there is absolutely no male voices, while there is singing nuns who prays and quarreling, joking and dreaming, that concerned with simple human concerns.
In the opera, as always Puccini, many music-smallest details of everyday life, and at the same time, it is imbued with the thinnest plast verbal sound symbolism of light and color, water and flowers, prayers and songs. Opera, who was written during M.Meterlink and H.d'Annunzio, P.Verlen and A.Rembo, she has incorporated a complex, demanding of style of Western modernism, and with it - the idea to combine poetry and prose, heaven and earth , modern and eternal.
Eternal singer of Love - Puccini - here rises to the highest spheres of feelings - mothers's love, pure and sacrificial."

Olena Korchova, musicologist

"LIBERTA" (Italy):

«Questo concorso - ci ha detto la Tatiana Zozulia (figlia del celebre baritono ucraino Viktor Kurin) - ha proposto molte voci interessanti. Con i colleghi mi sono trovata benissimo, in perfetta sintonia per quanto riguarda le scelte. Panerai poi ha gli stessi concetti musicali che aveva mio padre, per questo mi sono sentita come a casa».

Julia Bentia, weekly "Capital News":

"Suor Angelica" has turned out amazing. Staging a miracle, finally, guess what can properly look at the concert show opera on philharmonic scene. Do not presume to judge - what has helped the case or it was shows wisdom and skill of the director and producer of the project Tatiana Zozulia, but the result - yes: this time the public did not have, as usual, desire to do a blind eyes on to blatant dissonance between text and decorations, set design and performance of the singers, and if eyes open - stop up his ears".

Lyudmila Oltarzhevska "Ukraine young":

"Director of project Tatiana Zozulia named his "Phantom of the Opera in Bulgakov House" ("This house is full of ghosts with whom I was managed to socialize, and Opera has always occupied a special place in Bulgakov works" - explained Ms.Tatiana). The evening program - selections from "Faust," "Queen of Spades", "Aida", which sings soloists of the National Opera of Taras Shevchenko (Angelina Shvachka, Irina Semenenko and other famous singers). Plays chamber string quartet, fragments of Bulgakov's works read actor Alexey Bogdanovic, who was conceived Ms.Tatiana at the evening has to appear before the public at least Master. Action comes from room to room, are invited the actors and guests on balcony, after rooms - to the courtyard ... "

Natalka Pisnia, Alexey Shmatov , 5 canal TV - "On Lviv was performance":

Natalka Pisnia:
- How much were ghosts in the play?
Tatiana Zozulia, director:
- You can even call me a ghost.))) I have good company - I was born on May 13, it is somewhere between Salvador Dali and Bulgakov, because I also run into a ghost ...)))

Elena Sakalo, Doctor of arts - "if stars are lit ...", Magazine "Aristocrats" № 6-7 (13-14) in 2005):
(about an opera-concert "Serenade")
"Human life begins in Love, but life itself is Love: to parents - to the restrictions - to the children ... Talented opera director, Tatyana Zozulya concert turned into an unforgettable extravaganza of harmony, beauty, kindness, goodness, restoring life to two forgotten genres vain ... In the past, it was the musical show - opera-concert. Exquisite operatic performances were "hits" by various composers. "

Xenia Vishnevskaya, "DNK" magazin №5(14) November 2005
Interview with Tatiana Zozulia:

Xenia Vishnevskaya:
- What quality for a creative person you feel defining?

Tatiana Zozulya:
- inner independence. Without this not work...
...Inner freedom does not depend on politicians or from other external circumstances.
Tatiana Zozulia

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